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Being Lazy

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Well in my defense I have had a pretty busy couple of weeks, and at that, a pretty busy couple of weekends. So I have the last two weekends to post which I will do here with some haste. First up however is the weekend of the 17th, in which we attended the Swamp Romp at Fraze Pavillion and also the Blues Festival at Dave Hall Plaza.

The Pavillion is a great place to see a show. Heck even if you want to sit out in the plaza area around the fountain, you can do that and spend a nice evening with someone. I have this odd feeling they definately cater to an older crowd though, and you can see that in a lot of the performances they line up. Joe Cocker, Steve Miller Band, The Beach Boys, Blue Oyster Cult, and the upcoming Heroes of Woodstock etc. The only show I can remember last year that might be towards a younger group was The Backstreet Boys, but, well they haven't been popular since I was in high school. We sat in the lawn at the stage, and I captured a few shots. As a band they were fantastic. And even though I still dont' know what Zydeco is, it rocks pretty good, with a real Nya'lins feel. I also still don't know why Kettering needs to have a "swamp" festival, but if they hold it next year, take a look, it is free after all.

The following day we went to the blues festival downtown. I may have mentioned this before but Dave Hall Plaza is a seriously under-utilized space downtown. The fact that anyone was discussing tearing it down to put in an ice rink made me pretty upset. The park itself is ideally located in the CBD, but since there isn't a whole lot of reason to go sit there, I am sure not many people use it. It's brilliantly landscaped with mature trees, a small stone pond, benches and nice view of the surrounding buildings. If Zydeco isn't your thing, the guys playing at the blues festival were AMAZING! There isn't anything else to say about it, and I cannot seem to remember the name of the band we watched, I should have done this earlier... But I've never seen someone rock a guitar so amazingly, it was supurb. We did take some time to walk down to a few of the tents and vendors open, and admittedly, it wasn't too many, but I expect this one to grow as the years go. If you love blues music and didn't go, you missed out, big time. My one complaint is that the crowd was a little stale, but give it time.

Next up, the weekend of the 24th.

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