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Celtic Festival!

3:55 PM, Posted by Brian, No Comment

My favorite festival of the year! (Maybe next to alefest.) Great music great food, culture, dance lessons, art, kilts, bagpipes, fish and chips, and a whole lot of way too expensive beer.

This festival, much like Cityfolk, was set up a little different this year due to the construction at riverscape, but it was extremely packed. It's quickly becoming very popular in Dayton, and unlike a lot of other celtic festivals, this one is still free. That might change in the near future if support doesn't keep up, but there was record breaking attendance this year, everyone seems to enjoy themselves.

Some of my family was down from the swamp this weekend to celebrate my neice Emily's 10th birthday. She is a big fan of Gaelic Storm, and since they were playing at the festival as they always do, they thought it would be cool to come down. The performances that they hold there are fantastic. Celtic Festival was the first one in Dayton I went to several years ago and have been every year since. One of the biggest reasons I keep coming back is Gaelic Storm. They have a pretty big following growing, and each year the tent gets more and more cramped. As a result of though, the show continues to get better and better. We managed to get into the front row, which was extremely cramped, but as a result of, there was some crowd surfing going on.. a sign of a good crowd I think!

The band signed things after the show and sang happy birthday to my niece Emily, cool guys.

I wasn't sure he was going to make it all the way across.

There is always one retarded one, or else why bother?

Some of the countless women in my life, from left to right, my niece Sophia, my sister Kristen, my girlfriend Robin, and my niece emily with her mother (my sister) Jennifer.

Phew, a long night, but a good time. There are things going on this weekend as well that I may try to get myself to, but no promises, I'm pooped. At the very least I will be going to Victoria tomorrow for a show, but I know of some things going on tonight as well!

I'll update a little bit later on some special things going on real soon. Until then, keep busy, summer is winding down, go out and enjoy your city!

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