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This weekend, the 17th-19th

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So wow, a lot going on this weekend again! There is a listing of some of the bigger things at DaytonMostMetro, but let's run down a few if you are BORED.

First and formost the Dayton Air Show is going on all weekend, if you have the time go spend part of your afternoon there! The Thunderbirds will be there putting on a show, and you can't really beat that. Other craft you're sure to see during the show itself is the Brazilian Airforce smoke Squadron, An f-18 (of blue angels fame), B-2, B-52, Apache copter, P-51 mustang, a Navy Corsair (very cool plane) the Golden Knights army parachutting team, holy crap, just go!

If you can't make it though, there are lots of other casual activities going on. Kettering is holding their Swamp Ramp at the Fraze Pavillion all day on Saturday from 2-11PM. You can enjoy a variety of different cajun style Zydeco music (I'm not entirely sure what that is just yet.) all day and mingle. Best part is admission is free. Since I only live a block away I owe it to myself to check it out for a little bit, I'll get back about that one. There is also a rumored festival going on over at Mama DiSalvo's this Saturday afternoon as well but I didn't catch the name of it on the advertisement I heard and I can't seem to find any information on it, so I'll suspect I'll walk over there too and just see what's going on.

Of course if you're not conviniently nestled in Kettering, there is also the 5th annual Tour d'Burg going on in downtown Miamisburg on Sunday. Miamisburg has been chosen to host the Ohio State Cycling Championships again this year, and so if you just can't get enough of the Tour de France, (going on presently) go see some cycling and have a little family fun in Miamisburg. If you are a serious biker, I believe you can still register, and while the Ohio countryside isn't exactly the Alps, there are up to 75 miles of trails and roads to do if you feel up for it. There is also a race section that wil be going on, in a one mile track around downtown Miamisburg. Several different races should be going on, but start around 8AM. For more information you can check it out here. Remember you can compete in this as well as spectate, and it IS free to do.
I might try to make it to this one but no garuntees.

Lastly the Michelob Blues Festival, which will be held at Dave Hall Plaza downtown will be on Saturday from 1:00pm to 9:00pm, vendors should be on site. I've never been to this (I can't recall if it's new or not) but I might try to go for at least a little while, to the seriously under-utilized Dave Hall Plaza. I'll be downtown anyway so I'll try to catch a few performances while I'm there. And once again it's FREE! So get out there Dayton and spend no money having a good time this weekend, and no excuses. Planting time is over, baseball won't be interesting for another 2 months, football sure isn't on, so do some quick chores and enjoy your weekend.

Again for a more complete list of things head over to Dayton Most Metro and their events calaedar, you might find something like you like. I'll be back at the end of the weekend with some more photos.

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