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CityFolk Festival and Fireworks

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As is apparent I am still having trouble deciding on an appropriate layout, and I'm not entirely sure what sort of looking I'm going for. Never the less I have information to post about last weekend. I'll note right now, that sadly a lot of my pictures of the time at Cityfolk have been corrupted for some reason, and much of what I took near the riverfront and walking through the Oregon District has been unretrievable. As a result I don't have a ton of pictures to post so I do apologize for that. It also makes this post somewhat less engaging as it is primarily now a few pics of a few places we stopped to drink, and some fireworks...... soooo, I'll try not to let that happen again, and for botching a major event in the city.
We started the night at the Cannery Arts & Design Center and toured the gallery there before heading over to the Wine Gallery for a light dinner and a glass or two of wine.

I went out that night with my girlfriend Robin and her two friends Lisa and Jessica. So I guess I was the odd man out? Well with three ladies that haven't seen each other in a while, I just tried to stick to taking pictures and not get myself stuck discussing something I couldn't get my way out of.
After we were done though we walked down Wayne avenue and stopped off at Garden Station who was holding a concert that night. They were actually pretty good, it was nice to see a small crowd gathered. I didn't catch the name of the band but we didnt' stay too long.
Garden Station, for those who don't know is a community garden located on the corner of Wayne and 4th near Oregon. They depend on community volunteers to help tend and grow the space. It is just now taking it's first steps, and if you have a green thumb you'd really like to flex, I'm sure they'd love the help! Here is some more infor if you would like to find out more.

After a visit there, we decided to take a walk through Oregon, browsed a few of the galleries there with a restless speed. Time was ticking you see! Without much time left, we wanted to experience what we could before the fireworks started. We decided to stop in at Cafe Boulevard, which again, if nobody has been, please visit for a martini on one of the neatest patios in town. I sadly lost the panorama shot of that.

We hurried our way down to Riverscape after our drink and caught a few performances before the fireworks. The streets were packed, it couldn't have been cooler. The music was pretty good too! Seeing all those people around, even for a night, can make you feel like part of a city when any other day can make you feel like the biggest group you belong to is the line at McDonalds. This is our City! And I hope Cityfolk continues to be successful, though I have heard rumors around that there may be a charge for entering next year due to dwindling sponsorship and government funding. Let's hope this isn't true, or if it is, changes by next yer.

Lastly, the fireworks, which were a great display as usual. What better way to end the night? My only complaint every year is the music they play. I know you can't have a bunch of patriotic stuff for the entire festival, but would it kill them to play more than half of stars and stripes forever while they're going off and not whatever is latest on the pop charts? It's only a 15 minute show, maybe it wouldn't be so bad to inspire some patriotism for those few minutes? To wrap up the night we relaxed on the patio at South Park Tavern on Wayne. It was far quieter than it usually is on a Friday night, I am assuming because of the festival, but with 20 beers on tap, and some of the best pizza in town, what else could you ask for?

Until next time! This weekend may be bare, since I should be out of town again, but if you're bored, be sure to check out the Events List at Dayton Most Metro, and as always for a list of all pictures on the blog or larger sizes, visit the album at

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